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Cheap Hotels and Hostels in Zagreb


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There is an "official" hostel in Zagreb that is well-located near the train station and in reasonable condition. You can also stay at one of an increasing number of privately-run hostels that are sprouting up in Zagreb and experience imaginatively and comfortably designed rooms.

Even if you haven't stayed in a hostel before, know that in Zagreb the hostels have better locations than nearly all except the most luxurious Zagreb hotels.  Zagreb's Upper Town is famous for its nightlife and there are no hotels up there, so for nightcrawlers a Zagreb hostel or private room or apartment are the only possibilities.

Prices are very cheap, particularly in comparison to Zagreb hotel prices and some hostels also have a few doubles to rent.

It's imperative to reserve in advance as the demand for cheap accommodation in Zagreb far outstrips the supply.

Recommended Hostels in Zagreb

Swanky Mint Hostel
One of the best hostels in Croatia and well-located, this hostel has everything from rooms with en-suite facilities to 11-bed dorms.

Subspace Hostel
The newest entry on Zagreb's hostel scene is this mind-blowing hostel, inspired by Blade Runner and other sci-fi films. Bunk beds? Out. Spacey sleeping capsules? In. Drawings illuminated by infrared light adorn the ceilings, evoking a trip to space. The location in the heart of Zagreb's Lower Town is perfect for everything.

Hostel Shappy
Hostel Shappy is famous for its terrace-bar, entertainment center and local cocktails.

Hostel Moving
Not quite central but famous for its cleanliness and comfort.

Taban Hostel
A "design hostel" over a trendy bar in the heart of the action on Tkalciceva in the Upper Town. See my review.

Funk Lounge Hostel
In Novi Zagreb, south of the train station.

Main Square Hostel
Eye-popping design and a central Zagreb location make this hostel a standout.

Buzz Hostel
Not the newest but fairly well-located.

Zagreb Youth Hostel
Very near the train station and recently renovated

Cheap Hotels

Hotel Fala
This small family-run two-star hotel is near the fairgrounds and has parking.

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