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Zagreb Upper Town: Things to See


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Zagreb's Upper Town (Gornji Grad) is a network of little streets that stretch between two hills: Kaptol and Gradec. First settled in the 11th century, it is the oldest part of Zagreb with 17th and 18th-century buildings lining narrow, winding streets. In contrast to the wide boulevards and parks of Zagreb's Lower Town (Donji Grad), the atmosphere here is intimate and old-fashioned. The Upper Town is a delightful place to explore and hosts some of Zagreb's most interesting museums, restaurants, bars and cafes.

The best hotel is the four-star Hotel Academia. In fact it's the only hotel in the Upper Town! There is a smattering of private accommodation and some wonderful guesthouses and boutique hostels.

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Before embarking on this walk, check this map:

Dolac Market
Start in Zagreb's central square, Trg Jelacica, and walk uphill to Kaptol, stopping at Dolac, the fruit and vegetable market. Open daily from 7am to 1pm, Dolac express the soul of food-loving Zagreb.

Zagreb Cathedral
A little further is Zagreb's Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary whose twin spires are visible from afar. Begun in the 13th century, it was reconstructed in the 20th after an earthquake damaged it.

Tkalciceva Street, Zagreb
Head east to Gradec and Tkalciceva, Zagreb's most colourful street, filled with little cafes that could only be described as "bohemian".

Gric Tunnel, Zagreb

The Gric tunnel is Zagreb's newest attraction. Running between Radiceva and Mesnica streets, this was used as a bomb shelter in WWII and later was used to store produce. Admission is free and the tunnel is open from 9am to 9pm.

Zagreb Stone Gate
Nearby is the Stone Gate containing a shrine to the Virgin Mary that is believed to possess magical powers.   

Zagreb City Museum
Most museums are in the Lower Town but this neighbourhood has a good one: the City Museum, dedicated to displaying the history of Zagreb through arts, crafts and a scale model of old Zagreb.  

Exhibit from the Museum of Broken Relationships 
On the quirky side is the Museum of Broken Relationships, an innovative concept that displays mementos of failed relationships and the stories that surround them.

Croatia's most famous sculptor, Ivan Mestrovic, once maintained a studio in the Upper Town.  Now the Mestrovic Studio is a major attraction for fans of his art who come  to see sculptures, drawings and lithographs from the artist's early years.

St Mark's Church, Zagreb
Zagreb's most photographed site is St Marks Church, on St Mark Square, which sports a multi-coloured tile roof constructed in 1880. The rest of the church dates from the 13th century.

Historic St Mark Square is also the site of the Croatian Sabor or Parliament and the Ban's Palace, now the presidential palace.

Art lovers won't want to miss the Gallery of Naive Art nearby. Croatia has a long tradition of Naive Art and all the greats are represented here.

Lotrscak Tower
Before leaving the Upper Town, stop at Lotrscak Tower where a cannon is fired every day at noon, allegedly to commemorate Zagreb's victory over the Turks. Then take the funicular down to the Lower Town.

Zagreb funicular




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