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Zagreb Buses


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In addition to its speedy tramway system, Zagreb also runs buses for the same price. There are 130 day lines and 4 night lines. Unlike the trams however, central Zagreb is poorly served by the bus lines which operate more as suburban transport. Not that there aren't plenty of buses! On working days 270 buses ply the regular bus routes; on Saturdays there are 185, while Sundays and holidays service drops to 123 buses. Even with all that, you'll wait a lot longer for a bus than for a tram--up to one hour on some routes but as little as 7 minutes on others. The environmentally conscious should note that Zagreb buses run exclusively on biofuels.

On this tram map, the bus icons indicate where you can switch from a bus to a tram and you can see the entire bus network on this bus map.

Airport Buses

The airport buses are not part of the same system. The airport bus leaves every half hour for the 25-minute trip to Zagreb bus station and it costs €4. Click here for the exact schedule.


Buses, trams and the funicular to Zagreb's Upper Town all run on the same pricing system. A ticket for one is good for all. See here for tram pricing.

How to Use Zagreb Buses

Bus tickets can be purchase either from a tisak or the bus driver. Whether you buy a ticket from a tisak or from the driver, you must stamp the ticket in a yellow box as soon as you board.

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