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Public Transport in Zagreb


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Zagreb Funicular
Zagreb's Funicular

Zagreb is not a car culture; its citizens are happy to take advantage of the excellent public transportation system that offers 24/7 service.


The trams start early enough in the morning to catch an early flight and run late enough to explore some of Zagreb's nightlife. Read more about using Zagreb's tramways and see a Zagreb tram map.

Local Buses

Zagreb's bus system is designed to transport residents to and from outlying neighbourhoods and suburbs which makes trams the preferable option for most Zagreb sightseeing. Read more about using Zagreb buses and see a Zagreb bus map.


For generally agreeable transport, nothing can beat a funicular. Zagreb has one funicular which links the Lower Town and the Upper Town near Lotrscak Tower. It runs every 10 minutes from 6.30am to midnight daily and the price is only €0.50.

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