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Slavonian Cuisine


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In the eastern corner of Croatia lies Slavonia whose principal city is Osijek.  The cuisine of Slavonia owes a lot to the Hungarians that once ruled the region. Using liberal amounts of paprika and garlic, the cuisine is spicier than anywhere in Croatia. As the breadbasket of Croatia, Slavonia produces vast amounts of wheat that is best experienced in one of the delicious local pastries that are often stuffed with walnuts, poppyseeds and plum jam.

Their spicy fish dishes and sausages are renowned throughout Croatia. The following regional specialties can be found in a number of Zagreb restaurants as well as in Slavonia:


  • Fish paprikash
    Fresh water fish such as carp and pike from the Drava River is stewed in paprika sauce and served with noodles .
  • Kulen
    This paprika-flavoured sausage is often served with cottage cheese, peppers and tomatoes or pickled vegetables (tursija).


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