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Getting Around Dubrovnik on Foot 


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The historic walled Old Town of Dubrovnik is entirely pedestrian; no motors disturb the tranquility of its marbled streets. Foot power is the only way to experience the view from Dubrovnik's walls and the best way to soak up Dubrovnik's historic atmosphere. Most Dubrovnik sights are clustered in and around Stradun, the wide street that bisects the town but be aware that some sights, such as Lovrjenac Fort, involve a short hike up a hill. The northern side of the Old Town ends in a seemingly endless and steep staircase that opens onto a parking lot. No wonder Dubrovnik women are so slim!

By all means, wear soft-soled shoes. The marble streets can be tough on your feet and the stones are not completely level. Flats are far more practical than heels.

With your walking shoes on, you may want to take a Dubrovnik Walking Tour. The tangled history and amazing architecture of Dubrovnik deserves an in-depth look with an expert guide.

Of all Dubrovnik hotel neighborhoods, only Ploce is really within walking distance of town. In fact, the walk out to Ploce affords some spectacular views of the Old Town and the Adriatic. The road is usually not heavily trafficked although it does climb a bit.

In contrast, getting to Lapad or Dubrovnik's port at Gruz involves walking along busy roads that climb low hills. It's not a particularly scenic or relaxing way to get to your hotel or ferry which is why most locals make heavy use of Dubrovnik's local buses.

The only time that walking Dubrovnik's streets is unpleasant is when there are a number of cruise ships disgorging thousands of passengers but you can avoid it. Read more.

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