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Hotels in Hvar Town


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Hotels in Hvar Town are, by and large, pricey and getting pricier. As the town creeps ever higher on the trend-o-meter, hotels are being overhauled to accommodate the influx of high-rollers. There are a few two-star hotels but budget travellers may want to consider the vast array of rooms, villas and apartments that make up Hvar's private accommodation offer.

Otherwise, think of staying in Stari Grad or Jelsa, cheaper alternatives to Hvar Town.
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At the other end of the scale, note that Hvar Town has the finest and newest accommodation with a number of recently-renovated luxury hotels. Hotels on the rest of the island are older and could use some sprucing up.

Here's another tip: try to avoid July and August when prices are highest. You'll get MUCH better deals in the off-season. And, since Hvar is known for its sunny, warm weather, you can enjoy a stay from early spring to late fall.


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