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Credit Cards in Croatia


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Credit cards are widely, though not universally accepted. Visa, Mastercard and Diners are accepted the most frequently; American Express is accepted less frequently. All stores and hotels accept credit cards and they are increasingly accepted in restaurants as well--at least the larger ones.

Not all restaurants accept credit cards. If you're dining at a small family inn or konoba off the tourist path you should bring cash just in case.

You'll also need to bring cash for public transport. On intercity buses, tickets can be purchased in advance and paid for by card. Local buses are cash only.

Parking is cash only.

Owners of private rooms and apartments in Croatia never accept credit cards. If you arrange a room or apartment when you step off your boat or bus, make sure you get to an ATM in order to pay your landlady. If you reserve a room or apartment directly with the owner via the internet, you also cannot pay by credit card. Worse, they often insist on a cash deposit in order to hold rooms, especially in high season. If you pay by SWIFT bank transfer, bank charges can run up to $30. That's why I strongly recommend using an online booking agency where you can pay by any major credit card such as: five-star hotels to private apartments with a lowest rate guarantee.

See more about reserving private accommodation in Croatia online.

Doctors, medical clinics and hospitals also do not accept credit cards. Prices are reasonable but you must pay cash. (It pays to purchase medical insurance for your Croatian trip).

Jeanne's Budget Tip
When paying for goods or a service from a Croatian vendor, make sure you are billed in local currency (euros). If the bill is in your home currency, the vendor inflicts a commission and then so does your credit card company. You pay twice. See more on credit card fees.

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