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Booking Croatia Ferries


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Booking ferries to and around Croatia is getting ever easier. Nearly all ferries are available for online booking. Online booking is an amazing convenience; it's great to have all your travel arrangements in hand before you leave home. What a relief! Now, all car ferries and nearly all catamarans can be booked online. The only exceptions are a few quick passenger ferries such as Orebic to Korcula or Split to Trogir.

Also check out the free Jadrolinija Ferry App available in the App Store and on Google Play. It's a quick way to check ferry schedules, book and pay for the trip. Although the app only covers ferries run by Jadrolinija, Croatia's national ferry carrier, you're still talking about 600 ferries a day in high season!

Booking International Ferries to Croatia

Car Ferries

Book ALL Ferries from
Italy to Croatia

If you're bringing a car onto a ferry you certainly will want to book in advance. Passengers can nearly always find a space but cars are limited. Most international car ferries to Croatia travel at night (except in the summer when there are a few day routes) so you'll need to book sleeping arrangements as well. There are varying degrees of comfort from airline-type reclining seats to cabins with private facilities. (see more about on-board services)

Online booking for international car ferries includes:

Passenger Ferries

It's wise to book your seat on a passenger ferry in advance. It's essential in July and August but a good idea at any time. If you wait, you'll have to find the local agency that sells the tickets and make sure you're there when they're open (i.e. not Sundays!). Online booking for passenger ferries includes all ferries from Italy to Croatia.

Booking Local Ferries in Croatia

Car Ferries    

In addition to online booking at the Jadrolinija website and the Jadrolinija app, you can buy ferry tickets for any Jadrolinija route at any Jadrolinija office. It's important to note that possession of a ticket does not guarantee you a place for your car (passengers can always get on board) except on the following lines:


Zadar-Ist-Olib-Silba-Premuda-Mali Losinj



Zadar-Brašno-Rava-Mala Rava



Trogir-Drvenik Veliki-Drvenik Mali


Split-Stari Grad


Otherwise, you must arrive 45 minutes to two hours in advance with your ticket and line up. Any ferry to and from Hvar and Korcula islands in the summer is sure to be packed. I recommend that you call or stop by a Jadrolinija office and ask for the estimated wait time. Wait times may also be available on the Jadrolinija app.

Local Ferry Shuttles such as those that run from Drvenik to Sucuraj, Ploce to Trpanj, Orebic to Domince operate a little differently. Usually these are only for cars because there is no local transportation to or from the ferry embarkation points which tend to be tiny villages. These are short routes (about 1/2 hour to an hour). Tickets may be purchased online or you go to the embarkation point with your car, get in a line and buy the ticket at a small stall that opens about 1/2 hour before the crossing. These ferries are frequent all year and non-stop from morning to night in the summer. If it fills up you wait for the next one. In July and August, you could wait on line a couple of hours for the most popular routes.

Passenger Ferries

All passenger boats can now be booked online. Use this handy widget to find ferries to and from your destination.




TP Line

G&V Line Jadera


Last Updated January 23, 2023

Jadrolinija Office, Dubrovnik
Jadrolinija Office, Dubrovnik


Jadrolinija ticket office at Sucuraj
Jadrolinija ticket office at Sucuraj

Jadrolinija ticket stall, Split
Jadrolinija ticket stall, Split

Nona Ana
Nona Ana passenger boat

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