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Cheap Hotels and Hostels in Dubrovnik 


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The cheap hotels and hostels in Dubrovnik can be extraordinarily convivial places to stay, especially for solo travellers. Let's face it: you're probably not going to meet your true love near the kiddie pool or in a couples-oriented honeymoon hotel! So you sacrifice a bit of comfort in a cheaper hotel but maybe it's easier to find a companion or companions to sample Dubrovnik nightlife.

Unfortunately, at the cheap hotel and hostel level, Dubrovnik's offerings are indeed slim. Nor is there much motivation to construct at the bottom of the price range. The feeling is that private accommodation in Dubrovnik nicely fills the needs of travellers looking for the simplest amenities.

For two-star hotels in Dubrovnik (there are no one-star hotels) there are the following choices:

Hotel Adriatic
Location: Lapad
Large and fun, the simple rooms have private baths and the hotel is right next to a bus to the Old Town. Read more.

Hotel Sumratin
Location: Lapad
Also with private bath, this place has easy access to Lapad's beach and nightlife. Read more.

There's one official youth hostel in Dubrovnik located in Lapad. Baths are shared among the 82 beds and be sure to book far in advance.

A better bet is the modern and comfortable Hostel 365 For U where the bunks are outfitted with curtains for privacy.

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The Hotel Adriatic
Hotel Adriatic

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Villa Klaic
Villa Klaic: Private accommodation
can be very comfortable

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