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October in Croatia


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Those who travel to Croatia in October can experience a country settling into the normal rhythms of a life undeformed by tourism. Kids are back in school and parents are back at work. Instead of catering to visitors, many islanders are occupying themselves harvesting grapes and other local products. Visiting the Croatian islands involves a little more planning though as ferries are on their (less frequent) winter schedule that runs until the end of May.

The October weather, while not balmy, is usually mild enough to make outdoors life a pleasure.


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Average October Temperatures (Celsius)

Destination Daytime Nighttime
Zagreb +18 +9
Dubrovnik +21 +14
Split +21 +15
Zadar +20 +13
Rijeka +19 +11
Porec +18 +11
Pula +20 +12

Both Zagreb and Dubrovnik have lively cultural scenes with a full range of classical and pop concerts. You may not have the best choice of hotels in Croatia however, as the season winds down and many establishments close their doors for the winter, especially along the coast.


October 8 is Independence Day, a bank holiday.

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Zagreb Film Festival

Not just Croatian films (although they are well represented) but a selection of films from renowned and up-and-coming international directors.

Istrian Truffle Days

Lovers of the tuberous wonder should immediately schedule a long stay in Istria, famous for its black and white truffles. At a fraction of the prices you'll pay in France and Italy, you can indulge yourself to the max on truffle omelets, truffle risotto and other aromatic delights. Most of the truffle festivities centre around Livade, near Motovun and the Istarske Toplice spa, where there are contests for the biggest truffle as well as sales of truffle oil and other truffle products. You can find the latest program and sundry truffle stuff here.

Biograd Nautical Show

Sailing enthusiasts gather for the latest on the nautical scene.

Olive Days in Punat

Olives, olive oil and olive products are displayed and celebrated in Punat on Krk Island. You can even participate in the olive harvest with tasty treats as your reward. See the Punat Tourist Office for more details.

Chestnut Festival

The town of Lovran near Opatija is the place to enjoy Marun, a special light-colored chestnut harvested here. The festival includes lots of chestnut dishes, plus musical events, a baci tournament and other races and competitions. See the Lovran tourist office for details.

Restaurant Week in Zagreb

Croatia's capital is gaining recognition both for its wildly creative chefs and the fresh, local ingredients that give traditional dishes their timeless allure. Discover it all in this annual event where a selection of restaurants are offering special menus at discounted prices. Reserve in advance though! See details here.


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