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22 Things to Do in Dubrovnik


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Dubrovnik is a feast for the senses. From the architecture to the food, from the Adriatic sea to the rhythms of a local band, Dubrovnik is a festival of pleasure. There are endless things to do in Dubrovnik; here are the 22 of the most tantalizing ways to experience the "pearl of the Adriatic".  

Western walls, Dubrovnik


Walk the Walls

Dubrovnik's majestic walls must be experienced. Make a leisurely circuit past the turrets, towers and bastions which takes about an hour. From your lofty vantage point, gaze down at Dubrovnik's honey-colored roofs and out across the shimmering Adriatic. The best time to do the circuit is in the afternoon after the throngs of cruise passengers leave. Your ticket to the walls also includes a visit to the two ancillary fortresses, Revelin and Lovrijenac, which should not be missed. Follow my self-guided tour or book an organised tour.

Dubrovnik banner

Stroll Stradun

Dubrovnik's magnificent central street is lined with baroque houses and punctuated with churches, sculptures and monuments. Take a drink at Onofrio Fountain and check the time at the Clock Tower. Admire Orlando's Column and the carved Little Onofrio fountain. Pop into the Franciscan Monastery, the church of St Blaise and the Rector's Palace.

Rector's Palace Atrium
Visit Game of Thrones Sights

The HBO mega-hit filmed in Dubrovnik for six seasons. Visiting the filming locations evokes the magic of medieval Dubrovnik so vividly brought to life as King's Landing. Take an organised tour or follow my self-guided game of thrones tour.

Sample Local Wares at Gundulic Market

Right in the center of Dubrovnik is a colorful morning market where vendors bring products and produce from the Dubrovnik countryside. It's Dubrovnik's oldest market, chock full of local produce. Whether it's olives, fig jam or oranges, here's the place to buy directly from the producers. See more on shopping in Dubrovnik.

Saint Blaise
Find the Statues of Saint Blaise
Saint Blaise is Dubrovnik's patron saint, meriting his own church and festival. Legend has it that the Christian martyr appeared to the cathedral's rector in a dream and warned that the Venetians were massing for an attack. It was true! There are 27 statues of Saint Blaise scattered through Dubrovnik's Old Town. Tracking down the Saint Blaise statues is a fun family project that takes you to Dubrovnik's hidden corners. See more things to do with kids.

View from Srd Hill
Take a Cable car to Srd Hill
From the top of Srd Hill, all of Dubrovnik plus the offshore islands stretch out before you. Much of the terrain is awaiting development but there are viewing platforms and a restaurant. You can also check out the Museum of Contemporary History which traces the post WWI history of Dubrovnik up to and including the bombing of 1991. Book your cable car ticket AND a tour of Dubrovnik's Old Town.


Lokrum Island
Boat to Lokrum Island

Only a 15-minute ride offshore, Lokrum island offers a panorama of Mediterranean vegetation. Poke around the Benedictine Monastery make friends with the peacocks that strut freely through the foliage or take a dip in the inland pond. The Monastery was a Game of Thrones location and now serves as a museum for the series. The highlight of the museum is the original Iron Throne, donated by the series' producers. You can easily visit Lokrum independently.

Coral Beach Club
Lounge Around at the Coral Beach Club

Of course you could just go to the beach, but why not sunbathe in style? Dubrovnik's newest beach club is known for its creative cocktails and comfortable lounge chairs. Located on the Babin Kuk peninsula, the beach club is less crowded than those closer to the town centre. See more on Dubrovnik beaches.

Cafe Festival, Dubrovnik
People-watch at Festival Cafe

Just next to the Franciscan Monastery, this historic cafe is the best people-watching spot in Dubrovnik. During the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, participating actors, musicians and artists make it their hangout of choice. Many locals name it the best cafe in the Old Town.

Ice Bar Onofrio
Chill at Ice Bar Onofrio

When the temperature soars under the daytime sun and nights become sultry, there's no better place to cool down than this ice bar kept at -4°C. Only steps away from the Onofrio fountain, the Onofrio ice bar will provide coats if necessary.

Buza Bar
Watch the Sunset from Buza Bar

On your honeymoon? This romantic outdoor bar is the best place to watch the sunset. As the sun slips beneath the sea, gently lapping waves and subtle music sets a tranquil tone. Look for the "Cold Drinks" sign inside the southern walls and go down the steps. The drinks are pricey and there are few locals but the view is worth it.

A karaka
Watch the Sunset Aboard a Karaka

A karaka is a traditional Dubrovnik sailing ship. On this sunset cruise, you'll admire the view of Dubrovnik's walls and towers from aboard a recontructed karaka ship. A glass of Champagne and a buffet sets the mood on this romantic excursion. See more details.

Komarda Beach
Watch the Sunrise from Komarda Beach

All is peaceful at sunrise in Dubrovnik. Head out from Ploce Gate and look for the "Komarda" sign on the right. Take the stairs down to this beach and watch the sun illuminate Dubrovnik's eastern walls while seagulls look for breakfast. Later on, locals start drifting down to the beach for a quick swim. Some summer evenings there are dance parties.

Take a Kayak Tour

The calm seas around Dubrovnik make kayaking a fun and safe activity even for first-timers. Whether it's a quick paddle around Dubrovnik's walls or a full day trip to Lokrum or the Elaphiti Islands, there are a number of kayaking or canoeing possibilities, some involving snorkelling as well. More.

Lapad Coast
Take a Coastal Walk from Lapad to Babin Kuk

The Lapad and Babin Kuk peninsulas west of Dubrovnik's Old Town are lined by a coastal promenade that stretches nearly all the way around. Start near the Villa Wolf on Uvala Lapad and follow the coastal path until the Hotel President. Then follow it through parkland until it emerges on the coast near Copacabana beach. End up at the Orhan Yacht Club.

Mala Petka, Lapad
Climb Petka Hill

Looming over the Lapad neighborhood are two hills: 192m-high Veliki Petka hill and its smaller sister, Mala Petka. The path to the top cuts through dense vegetation through which you can peek at the sea. After about 20 minutes you reach the top of Veliki Petka with stunning views over Lapad Bay. See more things to do off-the-beaten path.


Park Orsula
Enjoy the Vibe at Park Orsula

A short trek east out of town brings you to this park, named after Saint Orsula. At the center is a small stage and amphitheatre where a series of musical groups perform in summer. Rub shoulders with locals and enjoy the view of Dubrovnik as dusk turns to night. See the website for the program.

Club Revelin
Party at Club Revelin
This immensely popular nightclub and disco takes up the top two floors of the 16th-century Revelin fortress outside Ploce gate. The ambience is the best in Dubrovnik, the DJs are world class and the view from the terrace is outstanding. Club Revelin parties are nightly in summer, weekends only the rest of the year. See more about Dubrovnik nightlife.

D'Vino Wine Bar
Sample Local Wine at D'Vino

Why is everyone talking about Croatian wine? Sample one of the 60 domestic wines on offer here and you'll understand. And you don't have to drink on an empty stomach since this delightful wine bar serves up a tasty assortment of local specialties from cheese to smoked meats. D'Vino is in the heart of town on Palmaticeva.


Portrait restaurant
Savor a Meal at Portrait
Chef Jeffrey Valla is a star in the Dubrovnik restaurant scene and Portrait is his newest venture. Artisanal cheeses, freshly-caught fish and organic vegetables form the basis for dishes that represent the best of Adiatic cuisine. See the best Dubrovnik restaurants.

Take a Cooking Lesson

Lamb, veal or beef cooked with vegetables under a bell (peka) is one of the staples of Croatian cuisine. It looks easier than it is to prepare! This excursion takes you out to the countryside for a lesson in how to prepare this delicious dish. Naturally you get to taste the result and wash it down with a glass of wine. See more details

Discover Croatian Traditional Dancing
During the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, several highly regarded folklore troupes display their skills at traditional music and dance. Among them is Lindo, a local group that performs traditional dances in costume Tuesday and Friday at 9.30pm in Lazareti . At other times of the year you can take a trip to Cilipi in the countryside for a Sunday morning folklore performance. See more details.
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