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Not all the sights that have intrigued me over the years are famous; some are actually offbeat! Some have made it onto my list of Croatia's top sights. Others are just personal favourites. The point is that Croatia offers a tremendous variety of landscapes, monuments, old towns and natural wonders. I hope this selection gives you some ideas in planning your own Croatian holiday.

Badija Monastery

This Franciscan monastery is on Badija island, a quick boat ride from Korcula town. The tiny island is pine-shaded with excellent swimming off the rocky coast. More.

Trstenica beach, Orebic

Orebic is often used only as a place to get the ferry to Korcula even though Orebic beaches are unrivalled. And they're sandy. More.

Baska Voda

Baska Voda is cute combination of fishing port and beach. Just hop over if you're visiting nearby Brela Beach or on your way from Split to Makarska. More.

Osor, Cres Island

Osor is an odd little town on Cres Island. Inhabitants are few but the streets are adorned with interesting, contemporary sculpture. More.

Supetar, Brac Island

Brac Island is one of the few islands easily done as a day trip from Split. The port of Supetar (above) makes a good base for exploration. More.


Pazin is in the center of Istria and makes a good base for trips to the coast or the Istrian interior. Few tourists come here though accommodation is very cheap. More.

Veli Brijun, Brijuni Islands

The Brijuni Islands is Istria's only national park and it contains an abundance of protected marine life. Only Veliki Brijun (above) can be visited. More.

Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes National Park is stunning any time of the year. The sight and sound of these pounding cascades are mesmerizing. More.

Cikat Beach, Mali Losinj

Here is sandy Cikat beach outside of the Mali Losinj port. There are a number of comfortable hotels a stone's throw from the sea. More.

Plitvice Waterfalls

The 16 interlocking lakes of Plitvice National Park change color with the season and weather. The park is open all year. More.

Ciovo beach, Trogir

Ciovo is a suburb of fascinating Trogir and a great place to relax after sightseeing. There's a large choice of guesthouses near the beach. More.


The ancient Roman streets of Porec on the Istrian coast are crowded with visitors each summer. There's so much to do in and around town. More.

Cres Island

This gorgeous scene off the coast of Cres Island is a favorite stop on one of the many island cruises. Imagine the snorkeling! More.

Euphrasian Basilica, Porec

Here's the main attraction in Porec: the Euphrasian Basilica with the 5th-century mosaics that made it a World Heritage Site. More.

Loggia, Cres Town

This Venetian loggia in Cres town is one of many reminders of the strong Italian heritage on Cres Island. More.


This photo of Primosten was taken on the road between Split and Sibenik. It's so sleepy and traditional you wouldn't guess Primosten is famous for a disco! More.

Cres Town

Cres town port is a dramatic sight, especially just before a summer storm moves in. More.

Roman Amphitheatre, Pula

The Romans made Pula their administrative headquarters and left behind this stately amphitheatre where gladiators once fought to the death. More.


This view of Dubrovnik from the east shows the Old Port and Lovrijenac fort rising tall on the left. More.

Rab Town

The four bell towers of Rab Town are its claim to fame. The town rises steeply up a hill and from the top this is the view. More.


Travelling southeast from Dubrovnik the road climbs across cliffs affording spectacular views like this one. More.

Rab Town port

Rab Town is a highlight of the Kvarner region in the northern Adriatic. This is the small boat harbour. More.

Franciscan Monastery cloister, Dubrovnik

The Franciscan monastery of Dubrovnik is a model of elegance. Here is the cloister. Also worthwhile is the ancient pharmacy. More.


Rijeka is not a traditional stop on the tourist trail. Yes, this busy city offers some interesting museums and great nightlife. More.

Franciscan Monastery facade, Dubrovnik

So much of Dubrovnik can be viewed on a walking tour, for example, this splendid carving of the Pietà on the facade of the Franciscan monastery. More.

Rijeka building

The architecture of Rijeka recalls the days when it was a major port in the Austro-Hungarian empire. More.

Rector's Palace, Dubrovnik

The Rector's Palace in Dubrovnik is one of the few remaining examples of Renaissance architecture in Dubrovnik to have survived the earthquake of 1667. More.

Rovinj town

The pastel-colored houses lining the port of Rovinj make it Istria's most colorful sight. More.


The Istrian coast is wonderful of course but the interior should not be missed. Here is Groznjan, one of Istria's hilltop villages. More.

Rovinj port

If you take the Venice-Rovinj catamaran, here is the sight that will greet you when you arrive in Rovinj's northern port. More.


Hum is home to only 17 people at last count but this tiny Istrian village is appealingly bedraggled and hosts a great rustic restaurant. More.


Crowded onto a peninsula, Rovinj is capped by St Euphremia cathedral at the top of its winding streets. More.

Venetian fort, Hvar

The Venetian fortress looms above Hvar town. With a disco on top it forms an extension of Hvar's sparkling nightlife. More.

Zlatni Rt, Rovinj

Zlatni Rt or Golden Cape is the resort part of the Rovinj experience with a string of pine-rimmed beaches. More.

Town Square, Hvar

The cathedral of Sv Stjepan dominates this splendid square at the center of Hvar Town. More.

Saplunara, Mljet

Not far from Mljet National Park is this secluded, sandy beach in the tiny village of Saplunara. More.

Stari Grad, Hvar

Stari Grad is the main port of Hvar Island. The old town is often overlooked in the general rush to get to glamorous Hvar town. More.



Tiny Savudrija is the northernmost town in Istria, right before the Slovenian border. Life is in the slow lane. More.

Vrboska, Hvar Island

Another overlooked destination on Hvar Island is tiny Vrboska, at the end of a deep channel with canals that recall Venice. More.


Just peaking out right from center is the lighthouse of Savudrija which is an interesting accommodation experience. More.

Vrboska, Hvar

Vrboska at sunset: no noise, traffic or bands of tourists. Just locals going about their business. More.


Sibenik Cathedral

The carved faces that adorn the Sv Jakov Cathedral in Sibenik are stunningly expressive, a factor in making it a World Heritage Site. More.

Sucuraj, Hvar

The little port of Sucuraj receives the crucial Drvenik-Sucuraj car ferry. But obviously if you miss the ferry, it's not a great tragedy. More.


Split is dramatically positioned between the sea and the mountains. Climb up Marjan hill for the best view of the city. More.


The Kastela region is a strip between Split and Sibenik known for its castles (kastela). More.

Diocletian's Mausoleum, Split

The mausoleum here is part of Diocletian's Palace, the only World Heritage Site in Split. More.

Komiza, Vis Island

Looking for the kind of unspoiled Mediterranean fishing village that seems to have disappeared. Komiza on Vis Island is that place. More.

Split Promenade

The seaside promenade is one of Split's most alluring assets. Perhaps the recent renovation was too modern? More.

Korcula Town

Even sailing by Korcula town, nestled onto a protruding peninsula, is a delight. The interior is even better. More.

Grgur statue, Split

Why is the big toe so pale on this statue of Grgur Ninski in Split? Rubbing it is said to bring good luck. More.

Przina beach, Lumbarda

Lumbarda on Korcula island is known for this wonderful, sandy beach, called Przina. More.


The World Heritage Site of Trogir is chock full of beautifully adorned churches and and streets that haven't changed for centuries. More.

Kornati Islands

Sailing around the 147 islands and islets that make up the Kornati Islands National Park is an unforgettable Adriatic adventure. More.


North of Zagreb, central Varazdin is the "capital of baroque" for its architecture and annual music festival. More.

Krk Town

Krk town in northern Dalmatia was a fortress for the Frankopan dukes but now its ancient streets swell with visitors and its beaches are crowded. More.

Varazdin Castle

Varazdin's 14th-century defensive fortress evokes a medieval fantasy with drawbridges, courtyards and towers. More.

Krka Waterfalls

Can't make it to Plitvice? The waterfalls of Krka Waterfalls National Park are conveniently located near the coast plus you can swim under the falls you see here. More.

Vis Island

It may be a long ferry ride from Split, but the unspoiled natural beauty and rugged coastline of Vis island make it worth the effort. More.

Lopud Beach

This idyllic beach on Lopud island is a highlight of the Elafiti islands, an easy day trip from Dubrovnik. More.

Wine Shop

Croatian wines are attracting serious attention from wine aficionados and for good reason. More.

Telascica Nature Park

Lake Mir in Nature Park Telašćica is connected to the sea by underground channels which makes it very salty. More.


Zadar has a lot to offer in the way of museums, monuments and nightlife but from this west-facing quay the sunsets are spectacular. More.

Losinj Island

Taking a leisurely swim in this otherwise inaccessible cove off Losinj island makes a Croatia island cruise indispensable. More.

Zagreb, Zabor roof

This colorful mosaic tops St Mark's Church in Zagreb and displays the emblems of Zagreb and Croatia's historical regions. More.


Makarska is a colorful and convenient stop on the road from Split to Dubrovnik and makes a lively place to stay. More.

Dolac market in Zagreb

Zagreb residents have a lively appreciation for food and dining. The centrally-located Dolac market is where they shop for farm-fresh produce. More.

Mali Losinj

Mali Losinj is the animated center of Losinj island as well as the nucleus of a large pine-shaded beach resort. More.

Maksimir park, Zagreb

Zagreb is not all buildings and monuments. Lovely Maksimir Park provides a quiet respite from the busy metropolis. More.


The former Austro-Hungarian resort of Opatija retains the stately 19th-century architecture that made it famous. More.

Tkaliceva steet, Zagreb

Tkaliceva is the center of Zagreb's Upper Town with the cozy, baroque style that makes it a mini-Prague. More.


Orebic is more that just a stop on the way to Korcula. The beaches are fantastic. More.

Zlatni Rat

Zlatni Rat beach is the most outstanding attraction on Brac island and is an easy walk from Bol. More.

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